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How can I proceed with IVF treatment?

First you need to have a consultation and fertility assessment done by one of our consultants. This would enable to decide most suitable treatment pathway for you. Thereafter if IVF is decided you will be registered for the IVF treatment and investigations and necessary procedures will be arranged according to a planned programme.

Is there a waiting list?

Usually there is no waiting list. We have IVF treatment cycles monthly in batches. However there is a preparatory period that you have to take hormone pills to regulate your hormones and the preliminary procedures are arranged.

How much does it cost?

The cost can vary according to your treatment pathway. Once the treatment pathway is decided, you can meet the accountant who will explain the costs involved with details.

If I could not have my own eggs for IVF what other option do I have?

You will need donor eggs. We have an egg sharing system where a person who is undergoing IVF treatment would share her eggs with you. This usually has a waiting list. On the other hand you can find   your own donor. When you find a donor she should be less than 35 years of age, married, preferably have children, healthy and unrelated to your husband.

If available spare embryos donated by another couple is another option. This also has a waiting list. As a last resort a consultation with one of our specialists enables a proper medical assessment.

You and your husband may also consider adopting a baby from the Child Welfare, Department of Social services (218 6275, 218 7050, 218 7049).

How can I get donor sperm samples?

First you have to register at Vindana. There are screening tests that both you and your wife have to undergo. You are requested to provide us with a donor in order to replace the samples been used for you. You are then entitled for five frozen samples from our sperm bank.