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Pre pregnancy consultation​

Caring for one’s health before becoming pregnant is good for the mother and the baby.

Pregnancy should be something that is wanted and enjoyed by the couple (both partners) as this will then be a shared experience with positive expectations. An Assessment of the status of health of the wife would help the couple to be realistic about the progress of the pregnancy and the resulting events. It enables the better planning of the pregnancy and the delivery. A pre pregnancy health check is therefore considered as a priority item when planning a pregnancy

One should be stress free, as stress at the home front or work may delay conception and affect the pregnancy outcome adversely.

Discontinuation of any contraceptives and having regular sexual exposures is advisable. After discontinuing hormonal contraceptives, return to fertility occurs after the medication has been eliminated from the body. The “washout period” would be a few days after the discontinuation of oral contraceptive pills (OCP) and implant but last up to 9 months with the three monthly injections (DMPA). The return to fertility is fast with the removal of all intra uterine devices and the nonuse of the condoms.

Folic acid 1 mg daily started from 3 months prior to the pregnancy helps to reduce chances of neural tube defects and help the normal development of the placenta.

Vaccination History –rubella vaccination helps to prevent Rubella infection during the pregnancy. If unimmunized the status of protection should be checked by a blood test (Rubella IgG test) and Rubella vaccination administered. By convention pregnancy is postponed for three months.

Have an ideal body mass index between 19 to 23 kg/mwhich supports ovulation in women and also sperm production in males in addition to maintaining a healthy metabolic status

 Awareness of the blood group of both partners is very important in decision making during the pregnancy.

Full Blood Count of both partners is done to screen for anemia and thalassemia carriers. If both have issues with the count, consultation with a physician and to do further test to confirm thalassemia carrier status would be arranged.

Diabetes is common and affects pregnancy negatively if undetected and uncontrolled. Therefore it is advisable to have a blood sugar check performed.

Discussion about your sexual and reproductive health, violence free environment at home (physical/ psychological) will positively affect chances of conception and beyond.

When planning a pregnancy a preconception counseling session will help to gain information and knowledge while increasing the level of preparation to go through a pregnancy. This could be arranged at VRHC with experienced medical counselors