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Pregnancy care

For a healthy mother and baby the care should extend from pre pregnancy proceeding throughout the pregnancy and then extend to post-delivery period. At Vindana one can expect the holistic care of the pregnancy.

Pre pregnancy counseling is available if there are conditions that can affect the pregnancy such as diabetes, high blood pressure,etc  so that the control could be optimized prior to the conception. It also helps to plan and provide guidance with the necessary care during the pregnancy.

 Early pregnancy ultrasound scans, detailed scans at 20 weeks and scans with Doppler assessment at different stages of pregnancy are offered to assess fetal wellbeing and growth.

Consultant led antenatal care is provided with health advice and regular checkups for the mother and the baby. Planning of the delivery according to the mother’s and the baby’s heath is also done during these visits.

Parent craft sessions – pregnancy is joyful and at the same time it can be daunting. Parent craft sessions are useful in that they provide guidance as to what to expect   during each trimester of the pregnancy, preparation for delivery, address issues of the postpartum period and the care of the baby.

Antenatal and post-natal exercise classes help to maintain good health and keep the body in shape during and after pregnancy

Active controlled relaxation during labour is also a very helpful item that assists with managing child birth.

All these inputs would make pregnancy and child birth a very pleasing experience.